Our Culture

To understand JOLT as a company, and what we look for in our people, you first need to understand our core values.

Our Core Values

To Infinity and Beyond!

Go the extra mile. Setting a high bar and being a proactive sharer of knowledge who is freakily resourceful and always ready to lend a hand helps each of us at JOLT reach unprecedented heights for ourselves and our clients.

Wax On, Wax Off

Be willing and able to learn. Continuous improvement and development for each member of our team is based on a foundation of self awareness, personal commitment to excellence and openness to change.

Do or Do Not: There is No Try

Think and act proactively. Leading by example and speaking up with a problem-solving mentality keeps our collective thinking fresh and each one of us at JOLT three steps ahead.

This is Sparta!

Care for the greater good. (Can you tell by now we’re movie buffs?) At the heart of JOLT’s culture is servant leadership and a self-driven desire to rise ourselves from lifting others, with healthy doses of forgiveness, understanding and patience.

It’s not our abilities that show what we truly are… it’s our choices.

Do the right thing. To JOLT, doing the right thing means being accountable to yourself and others, ethically driven, highly dependable, and respectful of all.

Open Positions

Account Director

Remote / New Jersey / US


Associate Medical Director

Remote / New Jersey / US


Our Values Are Our Guiding Principles

They’re what we’re all about, and we’re fiercely loyal to them. They inform the way we make decisions as individuals, as a team, as a company. They keep us from veering off the road as we plunge headlong into our journey toward success — for ourselves and, most importantly, for our clients.

Are You Game?

We thrive on thrilling our clients and bringing out the best in each other, and there’s always something exciting at JOLT that needs a champion to see it through. If you’re looking for a fun, challenging, caring and inspiring environment – with competitive compensation and a robust benefits package – with the opportunity to demonstrate and fully live up to our awesome core values, we want to hear from you.

Do Take Our Word For It

Real quotes from real people at JOLT

“The culture was what drew me and keeps me at JOLT. We have a true open door policy, with the freedom to interact with your colleagues, stop by your manager’s office to say hello, and strike up random fun conversations. We enjoy great team activities and have learned more about ourselves along the way with tools to help identify our strengths and communication styles.”
“The most challenging part of my job is when I’m expected to expand my comfort zone, but that’s also the most rewarding.  I know I can achieve my goals because I can count on my colleagues for support.”
“Anyone looking to join the JOLT family should know that everyone here works relentlessly to get the job done, no matter how big or small the task.  This is a fabulous element of our culture because it opens up so much opportunity to try new things.”
“Since joining the JOLT team, I’ve been impressed with its nurturing environment. Many companies say they care about employees, but JOLT goes above and beyond to provide a nurturing environment with plenty of opportunity contribute from day one with room to breathe, learn, grow and try new things. Having worked at professional service agencies my entire career, I’m grateful to have found the perfect blend of intellectually stimulating work, flexibility and compassion.”
“What keeps me grounded at JOLT are the new exciting opportunities, the ability to feel like more than just an employee, and the amazing people who comprise our team!”
“The most rewarding part of my job is providing our clients personalized experiences through our services and work. Seeing our clients’ successes from our services provides the highest satisfaction for me.”
“JOLT’s family-like atmosphere provides a place to push your career goals, make many friends, and have a lot of fun while attending your daily tasks.”
“The energy you are looking for is in the name JOLT! Working here and being part of such an amazingly talented group of individuals truly provides the spark in your career, life, and self!”
“JOLT provides an environment where we can all feel safe whenever anyone of us is feeling vulnerable.  This gives us a real chance to face things honestly, to take the time that is required to figure things out and to get things done.  Each one of us can achieve this knowing that the rest of us have got their back.”

Join Us

We’re always on the hunt for incredible talent: full/part-time candidates, interns, freelancers and superheroes.

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