Clinical & Competitive Intelligence

Unlock relevant and actionable insights to align strategic imperatives with the true needs and expectations of the medical community

Does your team have a pulse on the opinions and behaviors that will drive the success of your clinical assets?

JOLT has spent a decade perfecting the art of uncovering and bringing to light the clinical and competitive insights that are most meaningful to our clients. Our rigorous approach to qualitative research has been the validation engine for a wide range of strategic and scientific decision points.

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Locking onto the street pulse during (and after) congresses

While the pandemic has impacted the format of scientific conferences, the underlying purpose and mechanics of clinical data delivery at these events have not changed. As many of our clients lamented the loss of precious face-time with HCPs, JOLT expanded the breadth of insights and knowledge gathered directly from KOLs themselves. Our team identifies and engages the right experts to attend designated scientific sessions and supports them in the crafting of their opinions and recommendations across slides, audio and video commentaries, and moderated post-congress expert panels.

Generating timely insights to pressing questions

What happens when you need meaningful answers to urgent questions with little time to spare? JOLT steps in and sets up a series of in-depth interviews with the mix of subject matter experts that will unlock the path forward. We leverage a combination of cognitive interviewing and projective techniques to expose the scientific triggers and motivational drivers that can fuel your development and communications strategies. It’s flexible, responsive, timely and completely focused on our clients’ strategic pain points.

Building your team’s foundational knowledge

While we excel at addressing complex challenges, we are just as committed to assembling the core set of clinical, competitive and scientific evidence required to have any team rapidly understand and leverage the external landscape that their clinical asset is being developed for. Interactive virtual preceptorships and comprehensive backgrounders will elevate the scientific integrity of your team’s early thinking, interactions and business decisions.

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