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While pharmaceutical and life science firms face stiff competition to keep pipelines strong as patents expire, business models change and niche players emerge, medical congresses and KOLs remain rich resources of competitive intelligence. But with a proliferation of data, experts and congresses relative to your interests, how do you systematically and efficiently collect, meticulously analyze, and diligently act on this enormous cadre of information to gain or sustain competitive advantage?

JOLT’s proven process and experience helps ensure you’re well equipped to power your business strategies, decisions and ultimately, growth. We investigate the industry landscape and update you on emerging trends, new research and competitors, who’s writing and speaking about key topics, and the implications for your product pipeline. By synthesizing data and gleaning insights from congress posters, presentations and announcements, gauging KOL opinions, and analyzing feedback, we provide the intelligence to answer your business-critical questions and propel your market leadership.

In other words, we’re your eyes and ears, cutting through the clutter, consolidating and organizing all the crucial information to keep you ahead of the pack.

Our Solutions

Obtain the intelligence you need from onsite and/or virtual industry events to enhance organizational knowledge of data, news and content including synthesized posters, presentations and KOL and HCP commentary

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Validate clinical and commercial assumptions, gauge opinions, obtain perspectives on session presentations, and augment key learnings via 1:1 interviews.

  • BRIKs™: Brand Readiness Insights and Knowledge to answer critical questions and/or challenges for commercial teams as they approach launch
  • CORTEX™: Flexible discussion panel platform comprising core therapeutic experts to meet any information need

Download our Clinical and Competitive Intelligence service packages

Augment your strategies with clinical backgrounders, competitor profiles, and pipeline and market positioning analyses.

  • B-Con™: Targeted research and intelligence gathering across a variety of formats (including medical society meetings, scientific congresses and other relevant data dissemination platforms) to create a “beacon” of clinical intelligence

Download our Clinical and Competitive Intelligence service packages

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