Organizational Alignment

Achieving a true “one voice” customer experience

How would your customers rate the quality and consistency of their experience across all touch points within your organization?

Quality and objective-driven KOL interactions are crucial to business success…but those relationships are not always adequately nurtured nor consistently managed over time.  JOLT is committed to helping our clients align their vision and standard processes to foster greater internal collaboration and visibility throughout the entire KOL management process.

Become a KOL-centric organization

The challenges and obstacles to a consistent and continuous KOL engagement cycle can be deeply ingrained within the culture or operations of any given organization.  Our team is adept at isolating the handful of key levers that can elevate our clients’ SOPs and approaches to create a more virtuous KOL engagement experience for all internal stakeholders, but more importantly, for the customers themselves. We break down cross-functional silos and execution blind spots to deliver a true “one voice” customer experience.

Experience JOLT 360™: not really magic, even though it may feel like it

The complexities and pressures of preparing for, and delivering on, productive HCP congress interactions can be daunting. Many clients are also unable to produce a true picture, and accompanying metrics, for what activities took place during these critical meetings.

JOLT 360™ is our KOL engagement platform that is revolutionizing our clients’ ability to coordinate efforts and create true transparency during both the planning and execution stages of their congress events. JOLT 360™ also empowers users with unparalleled collaborations features and real-time metrics and analytics that are game changing.

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Get visibility into all your KOL/HCP touch points

Our sights are always focused on our clients’ pain points, and we intimately understand the challenge of tracking and measuring the impact of KOL/HCP activities, including advisory board meetings, speaker events and other engagement tactics. Regardless of format, the formula remains the same: increase visibility into organizational activities to drive true collaboration and optimize business-critical insights sharing.

Whether it’s designing an advisory board dashboard to support the analysis of investment, or leveraging our Orbiits™ platform to consolidate and efficiently manage your organization’s entire KOL/HCP database, we’ve got you covered.

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