KOL Identification

Ignite your KOL identification, profiling and segmentation with the power of AI

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Are you able to determine how your KOLs spread their collaboration time across different companies?

There is no substitute for collaborating with a real subject matter expert… unless it’s collaborating with many. Our Orbiits™ platform captures a wide range of data that can help you determine with precision the specific clinical focus and research interests for all your KOLs. Kick off your KOL relationships in the right way.

Industry Leading Identification

Industry-leading identification powered by AI

Match disease and subject matter experts to your specific needs and criteria based on our extensive database tracking over 1,000,000 data points to build a robust profile of each KOL. With Orbiits™, you benefit from real-time, business-critical information at your fingertips.

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Dynamic platform to power your engagement objectives

Now, you can profile your KOLs based on therapeutic expertise, clinical trial activity, geographic location, the breadth and reach of their thought leadership and online influence, and much, much more. With the range of options we offer, you’ll spend less time searching for — and more time engaging with — the KOLs that are clinically and strategically aligned to your needs.

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Orbits put you in control

Strategic support to enhance team collaboration and transparency

JOLT brings unparalleled experience working with our clients’ cross-functional teams to drive consensus on creating shared and fully vetted KOL lists to drive common as well as specific strategic imperatives and business needs.

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