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Elevate the scientific conversation by tailoring educational tactics (live and/or virtual) to drive awareness, understanding and informed clinical practice

Do your communications clearly stand out in the minds of your audience?

The most effective communication channel – whether an advisory board, virtual preceptorship, educational symposium or 1:1 meeting – can become ineffective without scientific rigor and clinical relevance. JOLT’s depth of scientific expertise ensures all your messaging and educational initiatives adhere to the highest standards of medical excellence, regulatory scrutiny and clinical applicability.

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A communication strategy that pulses with scientific integrity

While your data and science is at the heart of your research, you need a clear, consistent and rigorous communication strategy for it to resonate with your audience. JOLT has partnered with a wide range of pharma and biotech companies to anchor early positioning and messaging efforts in a rigorous evidence-based scientific platform. Our experienced team covers all the critical components of the scientific platform (from gap analyses to lexicon development) to ensure the ecosystem of your scientific engagement and communications is relevant and inspiring to all key stakeholders.

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Let our creativity elevate your science

Visual storytelling is an integral part of what we do, creating the proper emotional framework for your audience to easily connect with and relate to your story. We then artfully meld a balanced story with stunning visuals to create a memorable and insightful experience. As part of our full-service scientific filmmaking offering, we provide script-writing and concept development, storyboarding, music and professional narration. We can take technically complex concepts and distill them into compelling, beautifully detailed and scientifically nuanced animations to drive your mechanism of disease or mechanism of action story needs.

Driving clinical value, one patient at a time

Once the scientific rationale is established and the new therapy is clearly positioned and differentiated in the marketplace, the stage is set to engage with prescribers in a practical and compelling way. JOLT has built a fully immersive and highly interactive approach to navigating patient-centric conversations. Our real-data case studies are presented virtually by KOLs following a powerful narrative focused on diagnosis, treatment and patient or disease management strategies to generate meaningful and timely dialogue between our clients and HCPs.

Ready to inform and inspire audiences with scientifically robust content?

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